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Universal Life Insurance

Includes a variety of coverage that is both permanent and flexible.
Ensures protection against the unexpected, and has both living
benefits and tax-deferred benefits

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How does universal life insurance work?

Universal life insurance is a permanent plan that can include a variety of benefits. This can range from death benefits to help your family in the event of your passing, to cash value savings that can be used to supplement your income and retirement. Your policy will be in force as soon as you are approved and pay your premium, and will continue to be in force so long as you continue to make your payments.


Why do I need universal life insurance?

A universal life insurance policy will providing them with a cash benefit to pay off to cover any expenses you may leave behind in the event that you pass away.


What are the advantages of universal life insurance?

Universal life insurance tends to be affordable, with special features like tax-advantaged savings and loan/withdrawal features. With premium payment flexibility, your premium payments and death benefits can also be adjusted at certain points throughout the life of the policy.


Can I afford universal life insurance?

Most likely! With more affordable premiums than a whole life policy and premium payment flexibility, universal life insurance is incredibly accessible.


Do I qualify for universal life insurance?

To find out if you qualify, you’ll have to answer some questions about your health, occupation, and lifestyle. A complete physical exam may not be necessary as some universal life policies have limited underwriting.


When should I buy universal life insurance?

The sooner the better! With universal life insurance, starting young means lower premiums.