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Critical Illness Insurance

Protects the funds you would need in the event of a prolonged illness

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How does critical illness insurance work?

If you are diagnosed with a covered condition while the policy is in force, you will be paid a lump sum, typically tax-free lump sum payment.

Why do I need critical illness insurance?

A critical illness can make it exponentially more difficult for you to pay your mortgage, expenses, and medical bills. Critical illness insurance helps alleviate that pain, while allowing you to focus on recovering.


What are the advantages of critical illness insurance?

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you and your family’s finances will be protected in the unfortunate event that you become very ill. Additionally, the benefit is paid to you directly rather than to any facility, such as a hospital. This allows you to choose how the money is spent, helping you budget for treatment costs, mortgage payments, bills, and more.


Can I afford critical illness insurance?

Most likely! With access to insurance products from dozens of carriers, there’s plenty of customization available to ensure that your critical illness insurance policy is a perfect fit for your needs and budget.


Do I qualify for critical illness insurance?

Typically, most healthy people qualify for this kind of insurance. With some policies offering simplified underwriting, a medical exam may not be necessary, making it even easier to qualify. That said, if you’re looking for a policy that offers a larger lump sum benefit, a medical exam may be required.


When should I buy critical illness insurance?

It’s nearly impossible to predict when you’ll need critical illness insurance, so the sooner the better!