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Retirement Insurance

Allows you to live the retirement you’ve worked so hard for through
a variety of financial solutions

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How does retirement protection work?

Retirement Protection ensures that you will have the income you need during retirement. There are two retirement protection options that offer both life insurance as well as savings potential: indexed universal life (IUL) policies and annuities.


Why do I need retirement protection?

By choosing a retirement savings plan early on in your life and career, the policy will have time to grow and provide you with the income you need to live the llifestyle you want during retirement.


What are the advantages of retirement protection?

With retirement protection, your principal balance stays protected, giving you a portion of capital that’s not exposed to market losses. Both forms of retirement protection come with guarantees to help support those concerned about lacking retirement income from other sources.


Can I afford retirement protection?

While there are various fees and expenses when it comes to retirement planning, we are happy to help you explore what’s available so that you can make an informed decision.


Do I qualify for retirement protection?

It depends. In the case of annuities, almost everyone will qualify as there is no underwriting required. With an IUL, you may need to meet the underwriting criteria of the insurance company since there’s a life insurance component involved.


When should I buy retirement protection?

The sooner the better! In the case of an IUL, the cost is based on your age and health when you apply, so the sooner you apply, the more affordable you can expect the policy to be. And in both IULs and annuities, the longer you have the policy active, the more time it will have to grow, giving you more to work with upon retirement.