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Final Expense

Allows your family to focus on what matters in the event that you
pass away by covering funeral/memorial, cremation,
and burial expenses

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How does final expense insurance work?

If you pass away while a final expense policy is in place, your beneficiary will receive a death benefit to help cover the expenses associated with your passing. If you qualify, you’ll simply purchase the policy at face value, and then pay your premiums periodically to ensure that the policy stays in force.


Why do I need final expense insurance?

Final expenses can be quite expensive, and not everyone has the necessary funds set aside for such an event.” Second sentence (flip wording around) EX: “A final expense policy provides the funds to help your family pay any debt you leave behind as well as any other expenses associated with your passing.


What are the advantages of final expense insurance?

The premiums associated with a final expense policy will always be the same for the rest of your life since it is a permanent life insurance plan. As long as you make your premium payments, the policy will stay in force.


Can I afford final expense insurance?

Most likely! We work with dozens of insurance carriers that all offer final expense insurance. Contact us and we’ll help you find a policy with premiums that will fit your specific needs and budget.


Do I qualify for final expense insurance?

With most carriers offering simplified to guaranteed issue, you may not need to go through a physical exam, making it easier than ever to qualify.


When should I buy final expense insurance?

You never know when you’re going to need final expense insurance, so the sooner you get coverage the better.