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SmartStart Insurance

A long term solution to help you create a legacy for your family
and fund your children’s education

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SmartStart Insurance

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How does SmartStart insurance work?

A portion of your premium payments goes toward covering life insurance costs. Meanwhile, the balance becomes a part of the policy’s cash value, accumulating over time and growing tax-free.


Why do I need SmartStart insurance?

With SmartStart, the cash value will build inside the policy. Your child can then access this fund later in life to cover expenses such as education, a down payment on a home, and much more.


What are the advantages of SmartStart insurance?

To start, the cash value of the policy will accumulate and grow tax-free, with its growth indexed to a variety of indexes without any exposure to market loss. Then there’s the life insurance component which covers your child’s life and protects their future insurability, making sure that they can be insured later in life, even if your child were to develop a condition that would make it harder to qualify.


Can I afford SmartStart insurance?

Most likely! Premiums are unbelievably affordable for a healthy child.


Do I qualify for SmartStart insurance?

Qualification for SmartStart is dependent on your child’s age and health at the time of application. Typically, most children will qualify.


When should I buy SmartStart insurance?

The sooner the better! The longer the policy is active, the more time the cash value component has to accumulate and grow.